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Our Italian lessons are held by experienced and dedicated native language teachers in a relaxing environment, as our number one priority is to make the learning an enjoyable experience.

The teaching methodology is based on a fully communicative approach that promotes and encourages students to interact in a dynamic environment.

Italian course language levels range from the most basic learning up to the mastery for the students who want to maintain their grammar and conversational skills.

Located in in the vibrant and lively neighbourhood of Chatswood  full of shops and friendly faces.

You could take a stroll before or after your class, while enjoying a gelato at the Venetian gelateria, or you could stop for lunch at the Italian restaurant pizzeria to catch up with other students and friends.


A big thank you for the images to:

Sandro Damiano http://www.unafotoalgiorno.it/

Juniper Films http://www.juniperfilms.com/

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As a Centre for Italian Language and Culture, the aim of Italian Graffiti is to take students who attend its classes into the world of the Italian language and introduce them to the authentic daily life of Italians, their customs and culture. Italian Graffiti will give students the tools to express themselves through knowledge and opinion, just as graffiti gave people a medium to express themselves.

Why Italian Graffiti ?

In fact in Italian the word “graffiti’ means “scratching” or “scribblings”. The word first came into the English language in the mid-19th century to describe scratched messages or slogans found on the walls of Pompeii and the Roman catacombs.

These messages represented one of the most ancient forms of communication, and they gave people the opportunity to express themselves informally about politics, love, current and social events and even to lend support to their favourite sportsmen of the day – the championship of the gladiators games.
Italian Graffiti The messages were written in colloquial language and they have given us enormous insight into the daily lives of ancient Romans

In much the same way Italian Graffiti leads students attending the Italian classes step by step in the world of Italy, giving them a real understanding of the written spoken language, and also the confidence to voice their ideas and opinions in the Italian language of today when travelling.

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