Upper Intermediate

Starting TBA

2.45pm- 4:15pm (7 sessions)
Bring a notepad and medium sized dictionary.



(enroll at least 4 weeks prior to start date)

(some study materials will be provided)


"Conversation skills "

Intermediate Level Conversation

Course code T2CB

This is a 8 week course for students who have completed the post-beginners level or are attending intermediate level, and are familiar with the present and past tenses. Colloquial Italian, daily routines, hobbies, shopping, free time and much more will be discussed.

This course is strongly recommended to students who want to practice their learned grammar,  expand their vocabulary and feel more confident during their trips to Italy or as a complimentary course to grammar classes.

* B1 level Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Please read terms and conditions of the enrolment form before signing.

21st and 28th June
4.30pm-6.30pm (2 sessions)


(including all study materials)


"Listen to me "

Italian Intermediate Listening/Speaking Skills

Course code T1LS

This  Italian course is a series of 2 meetings for students who already have grammar and vocabulary skills and need to improve their understanding of spoken Italian.

You feel like you've been studying Italian for a while and covered most of the grammar and vocabulary but when it comes to understanding Italian people speaking you find it very difficult.  So why can't you understand Italians when they're speaking to each  other or to their audience?

During these two sessions students will be given the listening comprehension tools for a better understanding of the spoken Italian  and will have the possibility to get in touch not only with everyday language, but also with the true Italian lifestyle.

The selected listening materials will cover a large variety of typical Italian topics, for example phone conversations, everyday conversations, interviews, current affairs, culture, advertising and so on.

* B2 level Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Please read terms and conditions of the enrolment form before signing.

10th July

10.00am - 3.30pm (1 sessions)

(45 minutes lunch break included)

 Bring a medium sized dictionary.


(including all study materials)


"Troubleshooter "

Italian Grammar Workshop-Intensive

Intermediate/Advanced Italian

Course code T1WK3

Troubled by Italian grammar? Learn while having fun!

This is a troubleshooter course. It is a  full immersion session for students who are still unsure about  the use of some verbs, future tense, conditional tense, subjunctive tense, direct and indirect pronouns, combined pronouns and would like to move onto the next step of grammar level without  the feeling of a patchy knowledge.

The course aims to give students, through a series of structured activities, and by  focusing on some parts of the grammar that are commonly difficult to English speakers,  the confidence of a strongly structured base in grammar to consolidate their knowledge and for their further studies.

At the end of each lesson, there will be a free period where students can address grammar troubles of any level with the teacher.

Please read terms and conditions of the enrolment form before signing.

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